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The MI Warren Buy Warren eGift Card can be used at many of your favorite retailers, restaurants, other small businesses throughout Warren. Show your support for Warren's small businesses this holiday season and all year long.

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Volume Discount Program

Volume discounts available for one time or ongoing purchases of $1,000 or more paid in advance by check or ACH. Support your local community with bulk purchases, employee rewards, customer appreciation, holiday gifts, welcome gifts, incentives, etc. Sponsorship opportunities also available.

How it Works

Select the value of your MI Warren Buy Warren card. Choose the amount you would like to purchase. Then, pick the recipient (friends, family, teammates, or even yourself) and send the eGift Card to them via email or text message.

Additional Terms
NON-RELOADABLE. NO CASH ACCESS. Unless prohibited by law, a $3.00 fee will be deducted monthly from eGift balance starting 1st day after 12 consecutive months of inactivity. Activity means any action resulting in a change in eGift balance, other than fee imposition, or adjustment due to error or prior transaction reversal.

Featured Merchants and Special Offers with your Gift Card

Offers can change at any time. Offers are only valid while they are active.
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A Step Back In Time Vintage Coupon

A Step Back In Time Vintage

32480 Mound Rd Suite 1 Warren, Mi 48092
Bombz Bar & Eats Coupon

Bombz Bar & Eats

24200 Dequindre Rd Warren, Mi 48091
TreasureCandle.net Coupon


28401 Mound Rd Warren, Michigan 48092
Buy one get one free!
Lori's Cafe Coupon

Lori's Cafe

15188 E 13 Mile Rd Warren, Michigan 48088
Paparoni's Pizza Coupon

Paparoni's Pizza

32801 Hayes Warren, Mi 48088
Ellington Event Center Coupon

Ellington Event Center

5831 E 13 Mile Rd Warren, Michigan 48092
Satelis Defense Solutions Coupon

Satelis Defense Solutions

24306 Patricia Ave Warren, Michigan 48091
Macomb Bike Coupon

Macomb Bike

28411 Schoenherr Warren, Mi 48088
Joe's General  Coupon

Joe's General

23201 Hoover Rd Warren, Mi 48089
Mexico City Restaurant Coupon

Mexico City Restaurant

32500 Van Dyke Ave Warren, Mi 48093
Uncle Joe's Chicken Fingers Coupon

Uncle Joe's Chicken Fingers

32637 Van Dyke Ave Warren, Mi 48093
Malone's Tavern Coupon

Malone's Tavern

32350 Van Dyke Ave Warren, Mi 48093
Warren Community Center Coupon

Warren Community Center

5460 Arden Ave Warren, Michigan 48092
Universal Quick Lube Coupon

Universal Quick Lube

2151 12 Mile Rd Warren, Mi 48092
Sweet Dreams Bakery Coupon

Sweet Dreams Bakery

3848 E 13 Mile Rd Warren, Michigan 48092
President Tuxedo of Warren Coupon

President Tuxedo of Warren

29202 Hoover Rd Warren, Mi 48093
Prop Shop Hobbies Inc. Coupon

Prop Shop Hobbies Inc.

23326 Van Dyke Ave Warren, Mi 48089
Shear Delight Pet Salon Coupon

Shear Delight Pet Salon

3850 E 12 MILE RD Warren, Michigan 48092
Andiamo Warren Coupon

Andiamo Warren

7096 East 14 Mile Rd Warren, Mi 48092
We are hiring!
Betty Jane's Bar & Grill Coupon

Betty Jane's Bar & Grill

13791 E 13 Mile Rd Warren, Michigan 48088
Strongheart Yoga Coupon

Strongheart Yoga

8373 Old 13 Mile Rd Warren, Mi 48093
Lotuspond Restaurant Coupon

Lotuspond Restaurant

28747 Hoover Rd Warren, Mi 48093
Tat-Man Tattoos Coupon

Tat-Man Tattoos

23544 Van Dyke Ave Warren, Mi 48089
Old 13 Barber Company Coupon

Old 13 Barber Company

8379 Old 13 Mile Rd Warren, Mi 48093
Pro Audio and Lighting Coupon

Pro Audio and Lighting

2400 E 14 Mile Rd. Warren, Michigan 48092
New Look Hair Salon Coupon

New Look Hair Salon

27151 Van Dyke Ave Warren, Mi 48093
Tipsy McStaggers Coupon

Tipsy McStaggers

7280 E 12 Mile Rd Warren, Michigan 48092
Kuhnhenn Brewing Company Coupon

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company

5919 Chicago Rd Warren, Mi 48092
Universal Nonstop Coupon

Universal Nonstop

28300 Dequindre Rd Warren, Mi 48092
Gold's Gym Detroit Coupon

Gold's Gym Detroit

30730 Hoover Rd Warren, Michigan 48093
Brewing World - Kuhnhenn Brewing Coupon

Brewing World - Kuhnhenn Brewing

5951 Chicago Road Warren, Michigan 48092
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Where Can I Use the Gift Card?

    Gift Card FAQ

    Can I use the same gift at multiple locations?

    Yes, as long as there is a remaining balance, the card may be used at any participating location. See list of locations that accept the MI Warren Buy Warren.

    Why isn't my gift order processed immediately?

    Sometimes we need time to ensure an order is correct and in some cases our system may also request a phone number from you. We generally process orders right away but a delay of an hour or more can happen. If your order hasn't been processed, please check your email inbox as well as your spam folder to see if we have sent a request.

    Can you accept international orders?

    Unfortunately we can only accept orders placed from within the United States and purchased with a credit card issued by a US bank to a US address.

    Will my gift card work anywhere?

    The card can be used at any location that has signed up for the program. Additional businesses are being added every day! If you are a business, scroll down to join or get more info.

    Can refunds be provided to my gift card?

    Yes -- just as refunds would be applied to your credit card, they can also be applied to your gift card.

    Where can I check my gift balance?

    Check your gift balance here: Check Balance.

    What do I do if my gift card is declined?

    If your card is declined, it could be because:
    1. The information is entered into the POS or terminal system incorrectly, try re-entering the information
    2. The value on the card is less than what is trying to be redeemed. Have an additional payment form ready in this instance.
    3. You are trying to redeem it at a non-participating business

    Will my payment automatically deduct from the card if I don't have enough to cover my entire balance?

    In the event that your purchase exceeds the amount in your balance, purchases will need to be split up separately with the card balance being paid first and then using a separate payment method.

    How is the digital gift card redeemed?

    The card is keyed in manually into a business’ POS or terminal systems as a credit card. It cannot be swiped.

    Are physical cards an option?

    There are no plastic cards available. The card is available electronically or if you choose you can print it on a piece of paper.

    Is there a cost associated with purchasing a gift card? How much does it cost to purchase a card?

    The card purchaser pays an eDelivery fee to cover processing costs, unless this has been paid by a third party. The card recipient and merchant receive the full value for the card, providing maximum benefit to local businesses.

    What happens if my purchase amount exceeds the balance on my gift card?

    In the event that your purchase exceeds the amount in your balance, you will need to have a separate form of payment to cover the difference of the purchase amount.

    Where can my gift card be used?

    These gifts are intended to be used in store or over the phone with the listed participating merchants. They will not work with delivery services who cannot specify a participating merchant's point of sale system (e.g. Grubhub, Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates) because enabling those third parties would allow gifts to be redeemed outside your community. Online purchases will be declined if the purchase amount is greater than the current card balance; ecommerce engines don't take multiple cards. Online purchases and chain or franchise locations where the merchants are not a part of your community may not be permitted by your community card organizers.

    For additional questions or concerns regarding your gift card, email support@yiftee.com


    Become a Participating Business

    Apply to be part of our exclusive local network that accepts MI Warren Buy Warren and allow customers the convenience of shopping, eating and playing in our beautiful region. Increase visibility to your business and expand your customer base.