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How It Works

You can send an electronic gift card (eGift) to any recipient via e-mail or text message. You choose the value and the recipient can use that value to make purchases at Blue Agave Grill, Palomino's, Coyote's, Vatos.

  • International orders not accepted.
  • While we usually process gift orders right away, there can sometimes be a delay of an hour or more and we may request additional information for your security via email. Please be sure to check spam and promotions folders for status email.

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A Blue Agave Grill, Palomino's, Coyote's, Vatos eGift, powered by Yiftee, is better than a regular gift card or gift certificate because:

  • You can track when the egift is received and redeemed.
  • Recipients receive reminders to redeem their egift.
  • It is great for last-minute gifts: It's easy, personalized and fast.