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Run this ACTIVATION card on your POS to activate your listing!

CARD NUMBER 5199 7546 3609 7711 EXP (MM/YY) 06/21 CVV 181 ZIPCODE 94025


By running this Activation card in your POS you will activate your business on Yiftee

What am I signing up for?

Yiftee is an egift card solution for all businesses that is powered by the MasterCard network. It is all digital, there is no gift card stocking or tracking, no new equipment, and no discounted pricing. Being part of the $110 billion gift card market has never been easier!

Cashier Instructions

  • 1
    This Activation card works like a credit card but has a maximum value of $0.00 (it's OK if you have to run it for $1.00; it will decline but we'll get the information we need).
  • 2
    Manually enter the number (as if phone order).
    5199 7546 3609 7711
  • 3
    Enter Expiration Date: 06/21
  • 4
    Enter CVV/CVC: 181
  • 5
    If you need a billing address, use
    Yiftee, 325 Sharon Park Drive #215, Menlo Park, CA 94025

What’s Next After I Activate my Business?

Your store is featured on Yiftee’s website: This enables new customers to find you via their smartphone or the web, and to send eGift cards from your shop to their friends, clients or employees.

We send you an email confirming your listing, plus an invitation to install your unique Yiftee eGift button on your own website. Yiftee’s eGift button allows your customers to share their love of your shop by sending eGift cards to their friends directly from your website.

You will receive a Yiftee Welcome Packet via mail, that will include stickers, marketing information, and training materials.