Documentation & Configuration

Integrating the Gift API takes minutes. It is one HTTP GET call, where the developer can add parameters to specify context to make the user experience as smooth as possible. Yiftee takes care of the payment processing, fraud/risk management, gift delivery, analytics/reporting, and sharing the revenue with the developer. The user can send a gift via email or text, and these are co-branded with the developer's brand and Yiftee. If you are interested in offering local merchant gift options (e.g. beer at the local bar, cup of coffee at the corner coffee shop, etc), please contact with an inquiry.

For native-app implementations, open a webview with the url below. For web implementations, include a javascript file and call the sendGift method. In the Dashboard, you can select a subset of national brands to be the merchant options available to your users.

Parameter Required Description
api_token required Without api_token, gifts sold via your app/website cannot be attributed to you. Get Your API Key.
sender_name required The sender’s name.
recipient_name required The recipient’s name.
recipient_email optional
The email at which the gift will be delivered.
recipient_phone optional
The phone number to which the gift will be delivered. Only supports US phone numbers, with no dashes or spaces.
sender_id_hash optional A unique identifier for that user to enable Saving Credit Card option and reporting analytics back to the Developer.
message optional Message to be sent with the gift. If no value is specified, the user will be prompted to fill an optional one.
return_url optional This can be used to navigate the user back to your app upon completion of the gift purchase. Apps that support deep linking only.