Integration & Sample Code

The Yiftee GiftUp™ API allows website and mobile app developers to "gift-enable" their sites, meaning their users can send Yiftee gifts without ever leaving their website or app. GiftUp uses the backend which offers gifts at over two million merchants all over the United States. Try out the demo if you haven't yet!

The following sections will guide you through everything you need to do to add gifting to your app. Any questions please direct them to Yiftee Developer Support at

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Javascript Web API

  • Step 1 Include the javascript file yiftee_api.js Click to Download
  • Step 2 Call the javascript method sendGift() to display the gifting modal. This function will trigger a modal dialog to show, it should be called only after your user clicks a "send a gift" button.

    You can configre the options that are passed to the API call. Visit Documentation for the full list of available parameters.
  • Code Example gist code link

Mobile App Web API

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